DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT of wind energy converters

DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT of wind energy converters

Our portfolio includes:
Complete development packages of wind energy converters

Our wind energy converter designs are tailored to the needs of your customers and the abilities of your manufacturing facilities. We have decades of experience in adapting our designs to the country-specific conditions at your production location and in achieving a high local content percentage. We handle the certification process and we are with you every step of the way from the idea to the series-production readiness of your wind enery converter.

We offer:   
  • Designs in all power classes
  • 30 kW to 6 MW
  • Onshore and offshore
  • Gearless, 2-point suspension and 3-point suspension drive train concepts
    Design of individual components

    We design or optimize all structural components of a wind energy converter:
    • foundations
    • towers (steel, concrete and lattice )
    • Yaw sliding bearings
    • Drive train components
    • mainframe
    • hub
    • Nacelle cover
    • Assemblx aids/ lifting devices
    Load simulation

    We prepare a complete load simulation for your wind energy converter which serves as a basis for the dimensioning or optimisation of the components.
    FEM analysis of structural components

    We calculate and optimise structural components of your wind energy converter with a detailed FEM analysis. For example we are offering cost and weight optimisation of mainframes.

    Yield increase

    We analyse your wind energy converter in detail and crete a concept for increasing the yield and improving the availability of wind turbines throuh the optimisation of:
    • Single components, like rotor blades, mainframe, generator, etc.
    • Control algorithms
    Planning of manufacturing plants

    We plan your manufacturing plant for optimal and innovative production processes with maximum efficiency.

    Through our decades of cooperation with international partners and the collaborative establishment of production facilities, we can rely on a sound knowledge of planning and optimisation of manufacturing plants and processes. Our consultation service also includes the aquisition of tools and lifting devices.
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