Practical part

Expert evaluation of the structural stability of the wind energy converter

  • Technical inspection and evaluation of the WEC on site
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Evaluation of the operation data
  • Instructions and procedural informations fort he extended lifetime
  • Further possibilities:drive train alignment; vibration analysis;
  • video endoscopy, lubricant analysis
  • The practical part is carried out by our accredited or equally qualified experts.

The expert evaluation is based on the currently valid guidelines:

  • of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE): „Prüfung zur zustandsorientierten Instandhaltung von Windenergieanlagen“, Sept. 2007
  • of the BWE for the evaluation of WECs within the framework of the „periodic inspection“ status: Sept. 2012
  • of the BWE experts forum for the evaluation and examination of lifetime extensions of WECs  status: 2017.
  • of the BWE experts forum concerning the inspection of the condition of the lightning protection system of wind energy converters, state: Oct. 2004.
  • State-of-the-art
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